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  • Making Texting While Driving a Primary Offense in Florida

    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration , 2015 alone saw 3,477 lives lost just because of distracted driving. When people fail to pay attention to the road when operating a vehicle, they not only put their own lives at risk, but also those of everyone around them. Distracted driving is one of the biggest challenges facing both motorists and lawmakers. What is being done, ...
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  • How an Attorney Can Help in a Personal Injury Claim

    A personal injury that is suffered as the result of someone else’s negligence or wrongful actions can have a devastating impact on you and your family. First you must deal with the physical injuries and trauma. You may require emergency care, hospitalization, medications, ongoing doctor visits, rehabilitation, or specialized care to treat and recover from your injuries. Then there are the ...
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  • How Stressed Miami Drivers Impact Road Safety

    We have all seen the nightmare images of backed-up traffic in Los Angeles. It is no wonder, then, that L.A. leads the nation in stressed drivers. A new survey, however, indicates that the city with the second most stressed drivers is right here in South Florida. A recent survey commissioned by Robert Half says that next to Los Angeles, Miami has the most stressed drivers in the country. If you ...
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  • Sexual Assault in the Workplace

    These days, it seems that it's nearly impossible to read the news without coming across at least one story about yet another celebrity, politician, or other public figure being accused of sexual assault. More often than not, the victims of these assault cases are women, though it's certainly not unheard of for men to be victimized as well (e.g., recent allegations against actor Kevin Spacey). And ...
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