Lightning Damage

Home Damaged by Lightning?

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Although Florida tops the list of states for lightning strikes, this very real threat is often underestimated by homeowners, leaving them at a loss when it does happen. You are likely entitled to coverage through your insurance policy and filing a claim is important.

But just because you file a lightning damage claim, it does not mean that your insurance company will freely hand over your compensation.

Rather than giving into their intimidation, put up a fight with the insurance lawyers at Stabinski Law. We have nearly 115 years of shared experience and maintain a trusted reputation. More than just case numbers, our clients are viewed as unique individuals.

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Devastating Effects of Lightning Strikes

Lightning is extremely powerful and can be unpredictable, with bolts traveling at around 140,000 miles per hour. Even if it doesn't strike your home directly, lightning can hit a nearby tree and cause it to fall on your roof. The aftermath of a lightning strike is equally damaging.

A lightning strike can result in damage of all kinds, including:

  • Fire damage to wood or plastic
  • Electrical damage caused by power surges
  • Shock wage damage to concrete, brick, and stone
  • Circuit damage to computers and modems

These serious repercussions should not be ignored and while most policies cover natural disasters such as lightning, be aware that your insurance company may be reluctant to fully cover damage. Our firm is prepared to step in and actively pursue your deserved compensation.

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Dealing with a damaged home is stressful enough without the added burden of an uncooperative insurance company. Rather than splitting your efforts across multiple areas, let our firm handle the legal details and negotiations with your insurance company. We've made ourselves authorities on insurance law so you don't have to. The sooner you call, the sooner you can begin putting your home back together. We are in this together so get in touch today!

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