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Older homes, especially those constructed before 1975, were often built with cast iron plumbing systems which have a tendency to deteriorate and break down over time. Cast iron pipes can lead to dangerous back-ups, sewage issues, water damage, insect infestations or worse. In order to correct these issues, it can cost tens of thousands of dollars or more. However, some, if not most, of these expenses may be recoverable from your Homeowner’s Insurance Company. The attorneys at Stabinski Law can help you with making your insurance claim and ensuring that you are fairly compensated.

Working with your insurance company can be more difficult and time-consuming than expected. Insurance companies may attempt to deny coverage or offer compensation well below the required cost of repairs. In order to ensure your cast iron pipe issue is dealt with before your problems get worse, reach out to our Miami insurance claim lawyers at Stabinski Law who can guide you along the way.

There are no upfront fees or costs for handling these cases. All fees and costs are paid from the recovery. And if we don’t recover you anything, you owe us nothing. Better yet, in some cases your insurance company will be responsible for paying the attorney fees and costs, allowing you to keep your entire recovery.

At Stabinski Law, our attorneys are dedicated to providing effective, affordable legal services to those in need. As a family firm, you can rest easy knowing each and every client we take on received our full attention and quality legal representation.

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Who Could Be Affected?

Most of the Florida homes built with cast iron plumbing systems were constructed before 1975, though some could have been installed or made after this date. The estimated lifespan of cast iron pipes is 50 to 75 years, at best, though certain climates (like humidity) and other factors can lead cast iron pipes to break down after only 20 years. Not only might this cause leaks and broken pipes, it could also contaminate your water supply and prevent sewage from being safely removed from your home.

Protect Your Family & Home from Potential Dangers

There are a number of ways in which cast iron plumbing could harm you, your family, and your home. Cast iron pipes are typically damaged by the environmental process of corrosion, which may cause the materials of the pipe to break down and deteriorate. Your cast iron pipes may also begin to fail or break from overly acidic sewage, toxins in the environment, or because of nearby construction activities or improper installation.

While cast iron pipes are typically used for drain lines, which carry water away from the home, they may sometimes be installed to carry water in. Cast iron plumbing issues can lead to costly water damage throughout your home, exasperating sewage and bug concerns, and sometimes may pose health risks to any residents or visitors exposed to the home’s water.

Symptoms of pipe failure may include:

  • Water backup, including slow drains
  • A malodourous smell in the home, especially near water sources
  • Cockroach infestation
  • Water damage in the walls or ceiling
  • Warped wood floors
  • Water damaged tiles, including broken tiles, discoloration, or water-stained grout
  • Water-stained carpet

Filing an Insurance Claim

It’s important to remember insurance companies are always looking out for their own interests and may not treat your claim fairly if you require a settlement payment. Hiring an insurance lawyer from our firm will guarantee that you have someone fighting on your side.

At Stabinski Law, we will meet with you to discuss your plumbing situation, evaluate your insurance options, advise you of your rights, and help you gather the necessary documents. Our legal team is well-versed in navigating the finite details of insurance policy contracts and we will communicate with your insurance provider on your behalf to ensure your benefits are honored.

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