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Injured because of a doctor's negligence? At Stabinski Law, we believe medical malpractice constitutes serious professional misconduct that should never occur. In the event that such a tragedy does take place, we can be your trusted ally.

With a qualified legal firm at your side, you can build a strong case as you seek justice for your suffering. Our Miami personal injury attorneys provide reliable service to ensure that the medical profession remains as safe and reliable as possible. With two centuries of combined experience and a record of successes yielding more than $500 million for past clients, we can be trusted to provide the representation you deserve.

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Injured by a Negligent Healthcare Professional?

While it is natural to assume that doctors will treat people with the standard of care that they have been trained to provide, not all medical professionals meet these standards on a regular basis. As a result, you may be at risk for a wide range of complications.

Medical malpractice cases often involve:

In such cases, the care that doctors provide results in higher expenses and greater risk to a patient's health. Extreme cases can even lead to permanent disability or death. We believe that negligent healthcare professionals should always be held responsible for the harm they cause to others. Our Miami medical malpractice lawyers are prepared to litigate on your behalf for the malpractice suffered by you or a loved one.

Helping You Build a Strong Claim

Medical malpractice cases are not easy. Because of the stringent legal requirements surrounding malpractice claims, mere evidence of a mistake is not sufficient to win most cases. Instead, a claim must meet a variety of legal criteria in order to be recognized as valid.

Most malpractice cases require the following:

  • Evidence of a doctor-patient relationship
  • Proof that negligence was the cause of your injury
  • Expert testimony to support your claim

Without this information to back up your claim, it will be impossible to seek an equitable ruling. Fortunately, our legal team offers the service necessary to take a malpractice claim to court. From notifying the hospital that you are planning on taking action to gathering the evidence needed for your case, our medical malpractice attorneys can be at your side throughout the duration of your case.

Fighting Medical Negligence Since 1970

Stabinski Law is committed to helping injury victims seek compensation after unfair treatment. To this end, we have helped our past clients obtain more than $500 million in verdicts and settlements. While our firm is proud of this accomplishment, we don't take cases just to settle them; instead, we take them to help make our community a safer place.

If you are suffering on account of malpractice, we encourage you to join our firm and take a stand against negligent healthcare. Together, we can work to help you recover from your loss and protect others from the same suffering.

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