Pipe Burst

Pipe Burst Insurance Claims in FL

Don’t Settle For Less Than You Deserve!

It is the last thing you want as a homeowner: a burst pipe. Your entire house can be affected by the serious flooding often caused by this problem. The structural safety of your home is at risk, your personal property, as is the health of every resident when you consider the possibilities of mold growth.

You may have filed an insurance claim and expected your carrier to fulfill their promises. Despite the clear responsibilities of an insurance company, they often fail to follow through. If you feel unequipped to represent yourself in the face of a ruthless corporation, know that you are not alone. Our firm is comprised of experienced insurance attorneys equipped to do exactly that on your behalf. Since 1970, our efforts have proved fruitful for residents in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and throughout Florida.

In most cases, the insurance company will have to pay our attorney fees!

How Can a Miami Insurance Lawyer Help Me?

You do not have to settle for less than you deserve. At Stabinski Law, we are well-acquainted with insurance laws and know how to effectively navigate the system. We treat our clients fairly and deliver logical legal counsel tailored to their unique circumstances.

If you believe your claim was handled unfairly, our team can:

  • Hear your side of the story
  • Advise you of your rights
  • Help you estimate the damage and gather documents
  • Evaluate your insurance policy contract
  • Facilitate discussions with your insurance provider
  • Guide you on a path toward a favorable outcome

As a policyholder, you are entitled to certain benefits and we want to ensure that you are treated fairly. Our Miami insurance attorney team gladly takes on complex cases and sees them as challenges to overcome. With our lawyers on your side, you can have confidence in what tomorrow holds.

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