Public Adjusters

Public Adjusters in Florida

Aligning Goals to Achieve Success

There is no question about it – filing insurance claims can be difficult and headache-inducing. Along with actually submitting the claim, you may also be forced to negotiate with your carrier to get the highest possible settlement. Fortunately, public insurance adjusters are trained to assist property owners with this complex process.

When the insurance company is being particularly unreasonable, however, additional reinforcement may be necessary. As insurance attorneys, we can step in when needed and support the public adjuster. Our litigation skills are hard-hitting and grounded in nearly 115 years of shared experience.

Stabinski Law is a force to be reckoned with and our Miami insurance claim attorneys are on your side.

Responsibilities of a Public Adjuster

From floods and fires to hurricanes and vandalism, a public adjuster is capable of helping policyholders navigate the insurance system after property damage occurs.

Most notably, they are able to:

  • Review the claimant’s insurance policy to identify coverages
  • Document all damages sustained
  • Assist in the gathering documents
  • Prepare replacement or repair estimates
  • Negotiate the best possible settlement

A public adjuster is essentially there to ensure that the process goes smoothly and uphold the best interests of their client. But when things go sour, the adjuster may be unequipped to handle the intense legal side of things. This is where our insurance lawyers step in.

Trusted Advocacy Throughout Florida

No matter what stage of the insurance process you are at, now is the time to consult with Stabinski Law if you feel that your claim is being mishandled by the insurance company. The sooner we step in, the better our chances of attaining a satisfactory outcome.

We have handled 1000s of insurance claims and recovered over $500 million for our clients as a result. Our firm is known for its dedication and zeal, so call us right away.

Client Testimonials

  • “These guys are really good. I highly recommend them.”

    - Peggy J.
  • “I can not say enough about Luisa and all of the staff. Over 3 years, they kept me 100% informed of everything. While I was happy when my case was completed, I was sad that I lost the friends that I made.”

    - Beth R.
  • “They do not hide after signing with you, and they are extremely available to talk and update you on your loss. I highly recommend this team. You will not regret your decision.”

    - Bill S.
  • “Great firm! Handled everything professionally.”

    - Wendy B.
  • “They were very professional and helpful I would recommend 100%!”

    - Anabel M.


  • Make Insurers Play by the Rules

    We don't let insurance companies take advantage of our clients. Our team fights to help you obtain a fair settlement.

  • Ready for Trial if Needed

    We are fierce trial attorneys who know how to confidently litigate cases in front of a judge and jury.

  • Can Handle Every Stage of a Legal Matter

    We can walk you through each step of your case, from the initial consultation all the way to a trial, if necessary.

  • Resolve Most Cases Without a Trial

    As skilled attorneys, we are often able to help our clients avoid a costly trial while delivering positive results.

  • Offer Accessibility and Services 24/7

    We are never too busy to speak with you or address your concerns.