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The weather in Florida can be completely unpredictable, especially along the coastline, from Jacksonville in the north to the Florida Keys in the south. While many people focus on how it will negatively impact their homes, hurricanes, storm surges, and other marine-based catastrophes tend to do the most damage to boats, vessels, and docks. If an insurance company is overwhelmed with insurance claims for water damage caused to homes, it may fail to investigate boat damage claims and deny them outright.

Boat insurance should provide coverage for damage occurring to all kinds of boats, including:

  • Fishing vessels
  • Houseboats
  • Recreational boats
  • Luxury boats & yachts

If your boat was damaged due to a force of nature or another circumstance wholly out of your control but your boat damage claim was unreasonably denied, Stabinski Law can help you set things right. Our Miami boat insurance claim attorneys have been helping the people of Miami-Dade County and all of southern Florida for decades. With our legal representation, our clients have been able to collect more than $500 million in recoveries.

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Different Types of Boat & Marine Damage

The force of a hurricane and the storm surges it creates can be unfathomable. Even large commercial freighters can be tossed like toys by the catastrophic weather. In short, any boat along the coast, whether it is docked, moored, or safely stowed in a harbor, can be devastated. It is the responsibility of boat insurance companies to faithfully inspect damages, respond to claims in a suitable amount of time, and begin providing deserved and purchased coverage to their consumers.

Boat or marine damage that may be reported in an insurance claim can be extensive, such as:

  • Sinking: Just a small storm surge can raise the sea level more than six feet. Smaller vessels are subject to flooding and can sink completely if they take in too much water.
  • Cracked hulls: A sea vessel of any size may be slammed against rocks, docks, harbor walls, jetties, shoals, and more as massive waves pound them against the shore or whatever is near. Cracked or punctured holes are a common report in boat damage claims and can be the most expensive to fix.
  • Beached damage: Boats thrown out of the water and onto the shore, or beyond if a hurricane comes through the region, can suffer monumental damage to the bottom of their hulls or keels.
  • Dock damage: Significant dock damage can occur in inclement weather. Hurricanes in particular can tear up entire sections of docks.
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Your Legal Team for Marine Damage Claims

After your boat is flooded by high waves or your dock is damaged by hurricane-force winds, the last thing you want after a fight with the elements is a battle with your insurance company. Allow our insurance claim attorneys in Miami step up to your insurance provider on your behalf and exercise our unmatched experience and knowledgeability to negotiate or litigate for the coverage you require.

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