Failure to Pay a Claim

Failure to Pay a Claim

Was Your Claim Denied? Speak With a Miami Insurance Attorney.

If you have previously filed a claim with your insurance company but have now found out that the payment from the company was not nearly enough to cover for your losses, or if your claim was denied, we urge you to consult our team of professionals immediately. It may seem as though your situation is helpless. We reassure you that we can advocate tirelessly on your behalf to recover the compensation to you are entitled to.

When an accident, natural disaster, or someone else's negligent actions have caused you serious damages, we are committed to making certain that your damages are appropriately compensated through insurance. Liable parties can be held financially responsible for the damages and injuries that they have caused you, and insurance companies can be held responsible for paying valid claims. Retain our Miami insurance lawyers to do the legwork on your behalf to uncover negligence or insurance bad faith and pursue justice for you. Our seasoned litigators can represent you through every stage of your claim!

You Deserve the Full Amount of Compensation Allowed by Law

Even if your insurance claim is denied, we may be able to help you. We have experience investigating many cases of insurance companies failing to pay claims to policyholders and parties that are entitled to compensation. The best way to ensure that you receive your rightful compensation is by retaining a skilled attorney. Our firm is adept at uncovering any evidence that is needed to support your claim. By proving the validity of your claim, we can level the playing field and expose unlawful acts of negligence and professional misconduct.

Hire One of South Florida's Most Respected Insurance Law Firms

Sometimes, an insurance company's act of bad faith can leave a policyholder with no way to pay for medical care, property damage, business losses, or funeral expenses. Don't let an insurance company's failure to pay cause you additional losses in the event of a catastrophe. At Stabinski Law, our insurance bad faith attorneys in Miami and Fort Lauderdale are committed to helping victims of insurance bad faith collect their rightful compensation. No matter what type of insurance your provider has failed to pay, our firm can help.

If you wish to learn more about your rights after your insurance company has failed to pay your rightful coverage, contact our firm today and schedule your free case consultation

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    “I can not say enough about Luisa and all of the staff. Over 3 years, they kept me 100% informed of everything. While I was happy when my case was completed, I was sad that I lost the friends that I made.”

  • Attorney Todd Stabinski is a modern-day Sherlock Holmes.

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    “Dan Caine worked with us to obtain a settlement that we are happy with. It almost removed the bitter feelings we have about this whole experience. We highly recommend this law firm.”

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    “They were very professional and helpful I would recommend 100%!”

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