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Wells Fargo Fraud Lawsuit - Are You a Victim of the Bank's Fraud?

Are you a Wells Fargo customer who has:

  • Had unauthorized accounts opened in your name?
  • Had money transferred into those accounts without your consent and knowledge?
  • Had bank fees charged for those fraudulent accounts?
  • Had your credit score affected by the bank’s actions?

More than 1 million Wells Fargo customers have been hurt by the bank’s deceptive and fraudulent operations. If you have been the victim of Wells Fargo’s latest fraud scandal, contact Stabinski & Funt to learn more about your legal options. We can help you identify the best course of action to fix the damage that Wells Fargo has done to you.

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Wells Fargo Fraud Scandal – What You Need to Know

Details about Wells Fargo’s fraudulent practices:

  • The bank set overly aggressive sales goals for employees, who faced disciplinary actions if they failed to meet those goals
  • Employees were opening bogus accounts in order to meet impossible quotas
  • The bank collected millions of dollars in fees for unauthorized accounts
  • Bank executives and senior management knew employees were using fraudulent tactics to meet goals
  • Employees who met those goals - even if they used unethical tactics - were instead rewarded and promoted for helping the bank improve their numbers

The Wells Fargo & Co scandal has now escalated into federal court as several lawsuits have been filed against the bank for its unethical, abusive, and fraudulent actions. Many more lawsuits are expected, as more customers are coming forward to take action against the bank for its unethical practices and operations.

Some of these lawsuits are seeking:

  • To recover damages from the bank, including punitive damages for failing to inform customers of the abuses, which has been going on for years with the bank’s knowledge
  • For the bank collect to claw back compensation from executives and other employees who profited from the illegal acts

Learn More About Taking Legal Action

Wells Fargo has already agreed to pay more than $185 million in penalties and fines as part of a settlement with federal regulators. But what about consumers who have been hurt – consumers like you who have had their money lost and credit score affected?

It’s time that consumers take a stand and fight back against big banks. As one of South Florida’s oldest and most respected law firms, Stabinski & Funt and our team of experienced trial attorneys are no strangers to taking on big businesses and large corporations.

If you have been harmed by Wells Fargo’s fraudulent practices, contact us for help.