Insurance Claims Process Guide

If you've been injured in an accident that was caused by another party, then you may find yourself in a very difficult situation. On the one hand, you may be suffering from injuries and loss of income as a result of your accident. On the other hand, you may have medical bills and other expenses piling up that you're not sure how to take care of.

Been in a car accident? Report it to your insurance company, but:

  • Don’t give any statements to your insurer
  • Don’t sign any waivers or releases
  • Don’t automatically accept the insurer’s estimate
  • Don’t let the insurer pressure you
  • Do consult an attorney.

Unfortunately, insurance companies that pretend to be on your side following an accident are typically working against you behind the scenes. Ultimately, their goal is to get away with settling for the lowest possible amount. And if you're not careful, you can be taken advantage of by accepting significantly less in settlement than your case is actually worth. As a result, you could be left without the proper funds to cover damages such as:

  • medical bills
  • lost wages
  • property loss.

Typically, if you are approached with an offer from the insurance company after an accident, it's in your best interest to consult with an experienced legal team before accepting or denying the offer. If you accept the offer immediately and sign any paperwork finalizing it, you will be waiving your right to seek compensation for any additional damages in the future. This is why it's so important to make sure the offer you're accepting is a fair one.

How a Legal Professional Can Help

When you seek advice from a legal team following an accident, you'll be able to enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that you're not settling for less than your case is potentially worth. As one of South Florida's most respected and oldest law firms, Stabinski Law will be able to carefully assess the details of your case and work to determine a more accurate representation of your case's value.

From there, our experienced personal injury professionals can become your point of contact between you and the insurance company, saving you from the stress and hassle of trying to negotiate with them yourself. This allows you the time you need to focus on yourself, recovering from your injuries, and getting back to normal as soon as possible following your accident.

In the meantime, our legal team will get to work going through the often complicated claims process. This involves not only submitting any necessary paperwork to file your claim, but being in constant contact with the insurance company to negotiate as needed.

In some cases, it may be necessary to prove in court that the person or party who caused your accident was actually at fault. Sometimes, this can be a real challenge, which is where having a skilled team of legal professionals on your side can once again make all the difference. At Stabinski Law we have the experience, resources, and know-how to build your case and present it in court if needed. We treat every case as if we will need to take it to court, though we always strive to reach an agreeable settlement with the insurance companies out of court in order to save you the additional time, hassle, and fees.

The Bottom Line

If you've recently been injured in an accident in the Miami area and are seeking fair compensation, make sure your rights and best interests are represented. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and case evaluation; there is absolutely no obligation, and we would be happy to provide you with advice and guidance regarding your case. We work on a contingency basis, which means that if there is no recovery, there is no fee or cost to you. If you wish to learn more about how our firm can be of assistance to you, we encourage you to call 305-964-8644 or fill out a case evaluation form.

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