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  • The Basics of Wrongful Death Claims

    There is no easy way to deal with the death of a loved one. That situation is made exponentially more difficult if your loved one died as a result of someone else’s actions. These kinds of accidental deaths include everything from car crashes to motorcycle accidents, truck wrecks to accidents on the job, medical malpractice to hazardous chemical exposure, adverse drug reactions to defective ...
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  • With the Kids Back in School, Driver Safety Awareness is Key

    The end of summer is here and schools are ramping up for the start of a new year. Over 4,200 schools make up the approximately 76 public school districts in Florida . This includes Miami-Dade County Public Schools and Broward County Public Schools, which, in terms of enrollment, are the first and second largest school districts in the state (and in the top ten nationwide). With a state-wide ...
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  • National Teen Driver Safety Week: Teaching Teens About Safety Behind the Wheel

    National Teen Driver Safety Week presents the ultimate opportunity to chat frankly with adolescents about one of today's most concerning problems: distraction and recklessness behind the wheel. Far too many teenagers fall victim to car crashes; research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention points to motor vehicle accidents as the chief cause of death among adolescents. Common Causes ...
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  • Florida Has a High Number of Unlicensed Drivers

    You’re familiar with the slogans. “The American Dream.” “The Land of Opportunity.” “Home of the Free and the Brave.” It’s those ideals that make this country great and make people want to live here. When they come, they wish to do those everyday things: working, shopping, driving. The problem is, driving a car properly is a learned skill, and not everyone who gets behind the wheel does so legally. ...
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  • Florida Ranks Poorly in National Safety Assessment

    Florida: Where seniors go to retire, snowbirds escape frigid winters, and kids' dreams come true. Residents enjoy some of the world's most beautiful beaches and a climate that many people envy. But when it comes to personal safety, the Sunshine State isn't quite paradise. In a recent study of car wrecks, assaults and murders, Florida ranks among the least-safe states in the nation. Florida may be ...
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  • Flood Safety Tips for Florida Drivers

    This summer, it seems the generic “hot enough for you?” conversation filler has been replaced by “wet enough for you?” While great at making everything lush and green, this season's rainfall has also made much of the state a flood zone. Lakes and rivers are high, lawns are marshy, and water collects on the roads. In a recent National Weather Service flood advisory for parts of Miami-Dade county , ...
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