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  • Traffic Laws Have a Direct Impact on Road Safety

    Florida has only 5 of 15 laws suggested by Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety. A reduction in costs and fatalities would likely result if laws were passed for things such as: Primary enforcement rear seat belt Booster seats Minimum age of 16 for a learner’s permit No nighttime time driving for learners Restricted passengers for intermediate-stage drivers No use of cellular devices for teens ...
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  • South Florida Weather Puts Drivers at Risk of Injury from Defective Airbags

    Contrary to popular belief, airbags are not soft pillows that float out like clouds when needed. Rather, these supplemental restraints more closely resemble tightly packed explosives. The inflation system is comparable to that of a solid rocket booster , and deployment clocks in at almost 200 miles per hour. Activation comes without warning, filling the space and beginning to deflate in less time ...
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  • Drunk(er) Driving in Florida?

    In 2015, there were 2,656 DUI arrests just in Miami-Dade county -- the second highest number in the 31,783 such arrests made statewide. There were also almost 800 alcohol-related traffic fatalities in Florida that year, representing 27 percent of all traffic deaths and a 14.8 percent increase over 2014. Thousands more were injured in alcohol-related crashes. This continues year after year, despite ...
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