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  • Tips on How to Choose a Personal Injury Attorney

    Just as you wouldn’t expect a cardiologist to set a broken bone, you shouldn’t visit a divorce attorney if you want to file a lawsuit against the wrong-way driver who hit you head-on. While all lawyers have a general knowledge of the law, many develop expertise in a particular field. Personal injury law encompasses civil actions brought about as the result of wrongful conduct. Common personal ...
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  • What to Expect from a Personal Injury Lawsuit: From Consultation to Resolution

    Once you’ve had the misfortune of being injured, you may consider legal action to secure your right to financial compensation for your suffering. When another person or entity is responsible for causing harm, hiring an experienced personal injury attorney can often result in receiving a more comprehensive damage award. Attorneys can also make all the difference when dealing with insurance ...
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  • Celebrating St. Patrick's Day? Look Out for Drunk Drivers

    Steeped in tradition, Irish people have been observing the Roman Catholic feast day known as St. Patrick’s Day every March 17 for hundreds of years. That’s right – the day that’s now excessively celebrated in America with green beer and pub crawls actually commemorates the death of a fifth century patron saint who spent much of his life converting the Irish to Christianity. In fact, the religious ...
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  • Hands-Free Doesn't Mean Distraction Free

    Americans spend a lot of time in the car. Whether commuting to work, running errands, or traveling to a favorite weekend vacation spot, hours in the car seem like wasted minutes that could be used more productively. We’ve all seen drivers who are reading, fiddling with technology, eating, or even shaving or putting on make-up. While it can be easy to become complacent and feel as if you are ...
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  • Florida's No-Fault Car Accident Laws: How They Work and Why They May be Repealed

    Anywhere, anytime, anyone. Traffic accidents don’t discriminate, and they remain a significant source of personal injury and death across the country. In Florida alone , there were over 373,600 traffic accidents last year, resulting in more than 2,850 fatalities and approximately 243,000 injuries. Even those that result only in property damage can cause major headaches. Every accident is unique in ...
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  • When Bedbugs Become Souvenirs

    In the last few years, reports of bedbug infestations have popped up across the country in a variety of places. Nursing homes, schools, dorms, movie theaters, stores, offices, and even trains have had outbreaks. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) has been tracking the growing problem since 2010. The 2015 NPMA survey reveals that nearly all U.S. pest professionals have treated bedbugs ...
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