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  • An Unwelcome Visitor: Zika Comes to Miami

    Back in March, it was estimated that there had been 193 cases of Zika in the United States and that none of them had been transmitted locally. Rather, the virus in those cases was spread by travel or sexual activity. But researchers warned that the Aedes aegypti mosquito, the primary carrier of Zika, could find the southern Florida environment quite hospitable. In fact, Miami was determined to ...
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  • Hurricane Season is a Good Time to Review Your Homeowner's Insurance

    The Weather Network warns that warmer than normal sea surface temperatures off the eastern coast of the U.S. as well as the Gulf of Mexico mean that the Atlantic hurricane season this year has the potential to be a powerful one. This month, the Tropical Meteorology team at Colorado State University updated its April prediction of 13 named storms to 15, with six of those storms becoming hurricanes ...
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  • Dangers of Pesticides and Their Improper Application

    Of the more than eight million species that inhabit the planet with humans, we seem to have the hardest time coexisting with insects. While many insects are beneficial, others destroy crops, damage property, spread disease, bite, or sting. When they infest households, many people turn to professional pest control services that use chemical pesticides to manage the problem. Pesticides are designed ...
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  • Talcum Powder Taken to Task

    A seemingly innocuous product that many of us have in our homes has been implicated in claims that its main ingredient causes cancer. First sold in the 1890s, Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder absorbs excess moisture and is commonly used to ease diaper rash and in feminine hygiene. Made of 99.8 percent talc (the remainder is a mix of fragrant oils that gives it that recognizable clean scent), the ...
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