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  • Vacation Planning Should Include Securing Your Home

    You’ve been saving your pennies and finally earned that time away. Travel-size shampoo? Check. Phone charger? Check. Leaving your home vulnerable while you’re gone? Not intentionally. With a little thought and attention to detail, you can increase the chances that your home will be in the same condition when you return as it was when you left. Whether you are going away for a night or a week, here ...
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  • Segue to Segway Safety

    Rarely content with the present, humans love to imagine what the future will look like. Many people are fascinated with the next scientific or technological advance. Ordinary gadgets of today like tanks, earbuds, video phones, rockets and helicopters were all previously considered to be outlandish sci-fi creations. Personal mobility electric vehicles, one of the most anticipated products of the ...
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