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  • Stabinski & Funt, P.A. Wins Settlement for Aviation Workers

    Two mechanics, Marino Medina and Benjamin Munoz, were working for Fine Air Service on a Boeing 727 cargo jet at Miami International Airport when their cherry picker unexpectedly tipped over, hurling them more than 50 feet to the ground. Munoz died within minutes of the accident, and Medina was severely injured. He had to undergo 16 different surgeries to repair the physical damage that was done, ...
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  • Boy's Parents Settle Malpractice Suit for $500,000

    Boy, 11, dies after a soccer injury. His parents blamed the clinic and school board. Read more here After the death of their 11-year-old son due to brain injuries suffered while playing soccer, two parents will receive $500,000 from Hialeah medical clinic and the Dade school system. The malpractice settlement was reach Wednesday. The two parents, Humberto and Marta Barreto, filed suit after the ...
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  • Mechanic is Awarded $11 Million After Ladder Accident

    Man Paralyzed after Ladder Collapse Aurelio Garcia, an air-conditioning mechanic, is paralyzed from the chest down after an extension ladder gave out underneath him. He fell 16 feet while trimming a couple of tree limbs while using the extension ladder on the company truck that he used for work. When he started back down, the rung locks disengaged and the extension slid. Garcia held on for a ...
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