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  • Florida is Taking Steps to Curb Teen Driver Distraction - Is It Ambitious Enough?

    Accidents happen. They are a part of life that we have to accept. However, the occurrence of some accidents is made more likely by behaviors that are within our control. Where we place our attention when operating a motor vehicle is a prime example. Focusing on the road while driving can greatly reduce the chance of a crash. But there are many distractions out there that take our eyes off the ...
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  • The Cloudy Future of the Truck Speed Limiter Rule

    These days, you are hard-pressed to find news about this country that doesn’t mention the recent government transition. Many of the discussions involve speculation about the policies of the new administration. For highway safety advocates, one of the most concerning issues is what will happen to the long-delayed “speed limiter” rule that aims to electronically limit the speeds of big rigs in the ...
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  • This Spring Break, Don't Take a Break from Safety

    It’s almost that time again. Spring break. Whether you are a college student or a family with kids about to get days off from school, traveling for spring break is a welcome adventure. South Florida is a very common destination this time of the year. Fort Lauderdale ranked as the fourth most popular spot for Spring Break 2017 in a recent survey by Allianz Global Assistance , which examined more ...
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  • How to Handle Insurance Denials

    Insurance is one of life’s pesky necessities. It’s required in order to drive a car and to mortgage a home. It is highly recommended for operating a boat, renting an apartment, even going on an expensive trip. If you have to make a claim, you expect it to go smoothly, but too often, that’s not the case. Insurance companies are businesses and, as such, they aspire to operate at the highest possible ...
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