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  • National Safe Boating Week: May 21 - 27

    Recent headlines from around the state are alarming: Pastor Watches Two Friends Drown as He Races in Kayak to Save Them (Lake Manatee, 5/2/16) Key Largo Man Dies in Boating Accident (4/14/16) Three Die, One Survives in Stuart Boating Accident (4/12/16) Woman Takes Plea in Deadly Drunk Boating Accident (Ft. Lauderdale, 4/5/16) Key Biscayne Crash Throws Boaters from Vessel (3/13/16) With accidents ...
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  • All the Better to See You With: Cameras in Nursing Homes

    Recent years have seen rapid advances in camera technology. Smaller and easier to use than ever before, these ubiquitous observers can be found everywhere from cellphones to dashboards, traffic lights to police uniforms. Cameras today can take still photos, record video footage, and stream live events, with or without audio. Many people have resorted to using cameras to keep an eye on their home ...
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