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  • The Role of Compulsory Medical Examinations in Personal Injury

    Personal injury accidents – and the injuries that result – come in every shape and size. Anyone who has been hurt in an accident and plans to recover financial compensation from another party for the injuries will most likely have to submit to a compulsory medical examination (CME). While there’s nothing different or unusual about it that should cause you to be concerned, it’s still a good idea to ...
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  • Florida: Deadly for Pedestrians

    Long before we learn to balance on a bicycle or drive a car, one of our first milestones is learning how to walk. The “shoe leather express” is always available, fairly economical (though some of those Air Jordans can cost as much as vehicle down payment) and good for the environment. The thing is, many American roadways fail to provide for the safety of pedestrians. And year after year, the ...
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  • How to Deal with Insurance Adjusters Post-Accident

    It’s been estimated that the average motorist will file a collision claim three or four times over the course of their driving career. Whether your overall number goes up or down, it’s highly likely that you will be involved in at least one car accident in your life. Each one stems from a unique combination of factors, such as time of day, weather, status of the road, driver behavior, condition of ...
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