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  • $1.8 Million Verdict Recovered in South Beach Negligent Security Case

    Featuring historic Art Deco architecture and warm ocean breezes, South Beach also offers upscale dining, designer shopping, and trendy cafes. The thriving club scene puts on a show every night, enticing locals and tourists alike to enjoy live music, dancing, drinks, and more. Despite the area’s commercial prosperity (or maybe because of it), criminal activity is pervasive. Just ask Helen, ...
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  • Florida's Flood-Damaged Vehicles

    To many people, Florida is synonymous with hurricanes and while we do get our fair share of them, we set a record this year by going a decade without one. But that doesn’t mean we don’t get severe weather. In fact, we have been virtually plagued in recent times with strong storm systems that bring heavy rain and flash floods. The lunar cycle has also brought high astronomical tides to South ...
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  • Boating Accidents Year Round

    Many native Floridians share a love of the water as deep as that of those who visit our abundance of marine offerings. Whether navigating the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico, Biscayne Bay or Lake Okeechobee, a river or a canal, boaters can enjoy year-round water access along with an annual average of 250 sunny days . Having no official boating season also means that nautical accidents can ...
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  • Hoverboards: Too Hot to Handle?

    The second installment of the beloved “Back to the Future” movie trilogy introduced audiences to the revolutionary hoverboard, which essentially was a levitating skateboard. While that device is currently not commercially available, its familiarity in pop culture made its name ripe for the plucking when a similar product came onto the market. Although this new design resembles an electric scooter ...
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