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  • Personal Injuries Don't Take Vacations

    Historically, a harsh winter for much of the country tends to result in a booming tourist season for the Sunshine State. Things were so bad this year in Ithaca, NY that when the local tourism website suggested people bypass the area and head to Key West instead, the site was overwhelmed by clicks and crashed. Even mild years translate into tens of millions of people coming to experience Florida’s ...
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  • Walk on the Sidewalk, Drive on the Interstate

    Every year, our beautiful region welcomes millions of people – to Disney World, Universal Studios, Kennedy Space Center, Everglades National Park, the Florida Keys – we are surrounded by magnificent attractions that people from all over the world want to experience for themselves. We Welcome Visitors – But Not Accidents This influx of visitors means more vehicles on the road and more individuals ...
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  • Florida Initiates New Road Safety Bills

    Florida recently saw an influx of new road safety bills, all of which will hopefully go a long way in making the state’s roadways a much safer place for drivers and pedestrians. It is important for all Florida residents to be aware of these laws, as they have a serious impact on drivers of all ages. Understanding Florida’s New Laws At the beginning of this year, the state made it a requirement ...
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  • The Dori Slosberg Foundation Works to Save Lives in Florida

    The Dori Slosberg Foundation is a champion of roadway and driver safety throughout the state of Florida. Established in 2004, the foundation is a non-profit, public service organization committed to educating the public on traffic safety. Our firm is thrilled that such an organization exists and proudly supports all that is promoted and accomplished by those involved. Programs Dedicated to Roadway ...
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