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  • Accidents Happen, Even to Vacationers

    Late last year, the Census Bureau reported that Florida had surpassed New York to become the third most populous U.S. state. In addition to those 19.9 million people that call Florida home, we also welcome a staggering number of visitors every year. The state attracted 97.3 million visitors in 2014 and is expected to surpass the 100 million mark this year. Our world-famous beaches, unique ...
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  • Introducing Todd J. Stabinski, B.C.S.

    The average person may not realize that legal service advertising and marketing by attorneys are strictly controlled by the bar associations of each state. The Rules of Professional Conduct prohibit attorneys from making certain claims in lawyer advertisements, and Florida’s rules are some of the country’s most restrictive. For example, Florida Rule of Professional Conduct 4-7.14 prohibits an ...
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  • It's Hurricane Season for Pets, Too. Plan Ahead.

    It might not sound very dangerous, but complacency is one of the biggest concerns this hurricane season. Emergency managers and hurricane forecasters are afraid that after nine seasons without a major hurricane striking the U.S., the public will become complacent and fail to prepare. Yet, preparation is everything since it only takes one storm to cause total chaos. It is imperative that there be a ...
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