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  • Injuries on Cruise Ships

    Around 21 million people take cruises every year. Cruise lines market their ships as floating towns, complete with shops, restaurants, libraries, salons, gyms and more. They get you excited about your accommodations, shore excursions, onboard entertainment, arts and crafts for the kids, etc. Buried in the fine print, some of them even mention their medical facilities. What they do not mention is ...
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  • What's Money If You Don't Have Your Health?

    A recent study confirmed the widely-held assumption that young male drivers pay far higher monthly car insurance premiums than young women and older drivers of either gender. The insurance industry maintains there’s data to substantiate the claim that young men are riskier drivers that get more tickets and are involved in more accidents, which means they are, on average, more expensive to insure. ...
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  • Don't Let "Just Going for a Bike Ride" Be the Last Thing You Ever Do

    Fitness, convenience, affordability, environmentally-friendly transportation – all common reasons for people to choose riding a bicycle. What many don’t realize is that that choice comes packaged along with the high risk of involvement in a serious accident. Cyclists must share the streets with cars and trucks, the parks with joggers and other cyclists, and even dedicated "bike lanes" are often ...
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  • Airbags: The Good and Bad News

    The Good News Airbags are among the main safety features installed in today's vehicles – equipment that drivers and their passengers count on to help keep them safe in the event of a serious crash. The Department of Transportation credits airbags with saving more than 37,000 lives between 1987 and 2012. The Bad News Unfortunately, it turns out that 7.8 million vehicles manufactured by 10 different ...
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