Stroller Recalls: Hidden Dangers of a Childhood Necessity

Along with cribs and car seats, strollers are one of the most commonly used childhood products. These convenient forms of transportation have come a long way since their invention in the 1700s, and the vast assortment of models now available are fabricated to suit a variety of lifestyles. All models should be harmless by design, yet the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalled 5.5 million strollers in just the 5-year period from 2007 to 2011 due to 50 injuries and four deaths.


Aspen, Breeze, Capri, Cirrus, Glider, Kite, LiteRider, Sierra, Solara, Sterling and TravelMate Model Strollers and Travel Systems.

In November 2014, well-known stroller manufacturer Graco recalled 11 models made between August 2000 and September 2014 after receiving six reports of fingertip amputations along with reports of partial-fingertip amputations and a finger laceration, all due to hazardous side hinges.

The injuries to children have been caused due to the exposed side hinges when the canopy is operated and “can pinch a child’s finger, posing a laceration or amputation hazard.” (CPSC)

You can use this online tool to search online for your stroller model number to see if your family’s stroller is affected by the recall.

Proposed Solution Doesn’t Go Far Enough

Free repair kits are expected to be available in December, but how many owners of the approximately five million units sold will be properly notified or take action? The most likely answer is not enough.

By requiring that parents request the free repair kits and assemble the protective hinge covering, Graco is placing the burden of addressing the safety risk on the parents – rather than on themselves. It should not be up to the consumer to properly protect themselves from a safety hazard caused by poor product design – this is the duty of all responsible manufacturers.

To request a free repair kit for your recalled Graco child stroller, call (800) 345-4109 (Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST).

Child Seat Recalls & Product Liability

Strollers should simply provide a comfortable, safe way to get around. Unfortunately, they are frequently plagued with wheel issues, handlebar issues, loose parts, stability dangers, poor materials, and defective designs. We find that to be unacceptable. Anytime a product fails to perform in the way it is meant to and injures or kills someone, it’s our job to figure out who is responsible and hold them accountable. These types of claims are known as product liability causes of action and fall within the broad category of personal injury law. It is important to note that recalls do not absolve manufacturers or sellers of unsafe products from responsibility.

Many types of products have been the subject of successful litigation, including prescription drugs, medical devices, tools, toys, and appliances. At Stabinski Law, our Miami injury attorneys have secured recovery for clients hurt by a range of products, including an extension ladder whose failed locking mechanism caused a man to fall and suffer paraplegia (verdict for $11,397,000), an inflatable toy that was marketed as a boat and resulted in a man’s drowning (settled for $685,000), and a piece of furniture whose defective design and installation caused it to tip over on a child and inflict a head injury (verdict for $324,000).

If you have any questions about this topic, feel free to contact us by calling 305-643-3100 or by filling out a free case evaluation form.

The information about past verdicts and settlements is based on the unique facts of each case. Every case is different, and future cases may not achieve the same or similar results. These amounts reflect the gross recovery (before attorneys’ fees and expenses are deducted).

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