Widow Wins $1.2 Million in Defective Seat Belt Case

Todd Stabinski, a Miami car accident lawyer at Stabinski Law, recently represented a woman whose husband was killed in a fatal car crash. His client, Barabara Dourado, filed a lawsuit against Ford Motor Co. in Broward Circuit Court, alleging that they were responsible for her husband's untimely death. 65-year-old Moses Dourado had been on his way to work in his 1994 Ford Escort when he hit a tree in Hollywood, FL. He broke his neck as a result of the impact and spent about 10 months in the hospital on a ventilator before he eventually succumbed to his injuries.

According to Todd Stabinski, "This was a minor impact, something he should have walked away from." He further explained that "Bad seat-belt geography was the problem." In the event of an impact, seat belts are supposed to put pressure on the driver's bony areas (i.e. shoulders and pelvis), which can handle that level of force. However, in the case of Moses Dourado's accident, the seat belt put pressure on his neck, causing it to snap during impact. He was particularly vulnerable to injury because of the way that the seat belt had been designed and placed within his 1994 Ford Escort.

Due to this design flaw, Mr. Stabinski's client was awarded $1.2 million at the conclusion of her case. Ford has been successfully sued in a number of other cases for similar defects, and has since stopped making seat belts like the one that lead to Moses Dourado's death. If you too have been injured by the negligent actions of an auto manufacturer, you should not hesitate to pursue the level of financial compensation that you deserve. The Fort Lauderdale injury attorneys at our firm have already recovered more than $500 million in damages for past clients; find out how we can help you!

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